Parade of Pets…

Began in 1993, primarily as a dog walking service in Belmont, MA.

Over the years, the business evolved and grew to what it is today. Parade of Pets not only caters to dogs and cats but also has knowledge of bird and small animal care. Our coverage area has expanded, and our services have become quite extensive, making it truly a complete pet sitting service.

We strive to provide exceptional care at very competitive rates. Many of the little “extras” are complimentary such as administering medication, watering plants, and tending to multiple cats. This is our way of saying “thank you for choosing us to care for your faithful companion”. In the event that the additional tasks require significant time and/or work, Parade of Pets will only charge an agreed upon fee which will be minimal.

Parade of Pets is fully insured and bonded. This ensures protection for property, people, and most importantly, pets!

Call us for a complimentary consultation or meet and greet to discuss all pet care needs. This will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with one another, ask and answer questions, and meet the pets. There’s no obligation. We believe this is a courtesy that all pet parents deserve!

The Owner…

Passionate about animals since childhood, Melissa always knew pets would play an integral role in her life.

She attended Suffolk University in Boston, and graduated in 1992, having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. As a Biology major and Chemistry minor, veterinary prerequisites were fulfilled, and a strong science background was formed.

In addition to a solid education, Melissa gained plenty of hands on experience, as a student. She worked in pet retail in high school, and as a veterinary technician while in college. She secured training at prestigious Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, working as a technician in the Radiology Department during her Freshman and Sophomore years. She gained further experience working at a veterinary clinic in Canton, and volunteering at local clinics during her Junior and Senior years in college.

A year after graduating from Suffolk University, Melissa decided to turn her love of animals into a career path… Parade of Pets took center stage! She loves what she does, takes pride in the business, and is an avid animal lover with extensive experience in the pet industry. She’s also the proud doggy “Mom” of Mickey the Chihuahua and Casey, a cute mix.


Our pet care providers have remained a very close knit group.

They’re family and friends who have been onboard with Parade of Pets for 10+ years. Our sitters are reliable and resourceful animal lovers, dedicated to making clients and their pets happy. The owner is always readily available to respond to emergency situations, and guide staff on proper procedures. Personalized, loving, attentive care has and always will be the motto of our team.