Initial consultations are scheduled at convenient times for all new clients prior to providing pet care. If the care will be in the client’s home, the meeting will be there. This is an opportunity to get acquainted, and discuss all aspects of pet care, and any upcoming travel dates. This is a 20 – 30 minute complimentary consultation, and there are no obligations.

This meet and greet applies to clients with dogs and who plan on using Parade of Pets for play groups, day care and/or overnight care. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted, and also do an evaluation on suitability of dogs to join group situations with other dogs. This meet and greet is also complimentary, and there are no obligations. Parade of Pets extends this as a courtesy for all potential new clients and their four legged friends!

During this 30 – 45 minute meeting, the new dog has a chance to explore an enclosed yard space solo, then meet a small group of dogs to observe group interaction. Parade of Pets will study body language and behavior to rule out any aggressive, territorial or behavioral issues. It is our duty to ensure safety for all, and allow for an enjoyable experience for canine guests and their “parents”. This evaluation is essential for all newcomers.

Pooches often pass the evaluation with flying colors, and can then join in group play. If, however, there are any concerns, a “trial” will be necessary to further access suitability. Depending on observations made during the meet and greet, 1 – 2 hours may suffice though sometimes a full day or overnight may be necessary to accurately access suitability. Some concerns may include extreme shyness towards people, fearfulness towards other dogs, and excessive barking. These are just a few examples. If for any reason, group interaction does not seems like a good fit, Parade of Pets will work with clients to brainstorm other alternative pet care options. The cost for a trial run will range between $20 – $35, depending on length of stay.

Here is a list of items that are examined to determine whether a pooch will be able to enroll in play group, day care and/or overnight care…

  • Dogs should be moderately to well socialized with other dogs
  • Dogs should be comfortable and at ease around new people, situations, and environments
  • There should be no history of any biting incident of people or other pets
  • Puppies should be at least 6 months of age
  • Dogs should be spayed and neutered
  • Dogs should be fully housebroken
  • Vaccinations, including distemper, rabies and bordatella (kennel cough) should be up to date; a copy of veterinary records will be requested
  • Dogs should have no history of destructive tendencies or behavioral issues, including but not limited to: excessive barking, separation anxiety, chewing furniture, and/or “marking” (urinating) indoors, unless these issues have been resolved
During declared snow emergencies, Parade of Pets cannot venture out. With treacherous driving conditions and parking bans, it is not feasible to get to any destination. Safety has to be top priority in these circumstances. As soon as roads are clear and parking bans lifted, Parade of Pets will venture out.

It is important for all clients to have an emergency backup plan during the Winter months. This could be with a relative or friend that lives nearby or a neighbor.

These situations rarely happen. Typically, during severe snow storms, most if not all clients are home from work. Clients that are away that have cats, birds or small animals, need not worry since the visits can be somewhat flexible.

Even though snow storms rarely interfere with Parade of Pets providing care, it is still strongly advised that all clients have a backup plan in place during Winter months, just in case. Parade of Pets will contact clients before and/or during a major storm to discuss work situations, travel plans, and backup arrangements, and gather contact information and telephone numbers.

If a client is sick or taking a personal day off from work, he/she must contact Parade of Pets first thing in the morning. If a client forgets or cancels too late, and a pet sitter arrives, the full rate will apply. If the cancelation reaches Parade of Pets on time, there is absolutely no charge.

If a client cancels a previously booked trip, any charge will depend on the circumstances. There may be no charge at all or a partial charge. Factors determining this will be why the client is canceling, how much notice is being given, and whether or not Parade of Pets had turned away another request during that same time period.

If a client is away, and a pet becomes ill, all efforts will be made to contact the owner. If unsuccessful, Parade of Pets will try contacting the designated emergency person that must be provided at the initial consultation or meet and greet. If this proves unsuccessful, Parade of Pets will use its best judgment at that time which may be to have the pet seen by a veterinarian.

If a pet becomes seriously ill or injured, requiring immediate veterinary attention, clients must agree on this course of action. Pet owners will be responsible for covering all charges associated with veterinary care, unless there was negligence on the part of Parade of Pets.

These situations are unlikely to happen but it’s important that clients and Parade of Pets are on the same page in terms of what to do in the event of pet emergencies. The well being and safety of pets are always top priority.